Was there an Eau de Parfum formulation of Pino Silvestre?

One reason I decided to publish this post today is because it somewhat complements the latest post on the FromPyrgos blog.  A few months back, I obtained the EdP bottle of PS pictured below.  I also took pictures of the other two bottles I own, one I obtained about five years ago, from a discounter, which of course means  it might be quite a bit older (the largest bottle, 125 ml).  The one in the middle is a “vintage” formulation, though I can’t say how old it is for sure (it’s got a more natural lavender note and is smoother).  The EdP is also clearly different to me, with less lavender and the kind of base you find in many “intense,” “absolute,” “extreme,” etc. flankers (that is, it may have benzoin, amber, vanilla, etc., blended together to create that smooth but not too sweet quality).  It’s my favorite of the three by a wide margin, and something that niche companies might learn a thing or two from!  If anyone knows something about the EdP please leave a comment – I contacted Mavive through their web site for any information they could give me on the EdP but they didn’t respond:

Pino Silvestre 3 bottles.jpg

If you can’t read it, the EdP says Special Edition next to the number 50, and that number has the degree symbol next to it.

Pino Silvestre bottle bottoms.jpg

On the bottom of the EdP bottle, embossed in the glass, it says Weruska & Joel Torino.  It also has a transparent plastic label which says this, along with Eau de Parfum, Made in Italy, 75 ml, etc.  Then the batch code (I’d guess) of 6039 appears to be stamped over that plastic label.  The cap seems to be a wood veneer and there’s a mid green colored plastic liner that slides onto the sprayer (which is a gold metal).

In his blog post about Green Generation (by Mavive), Brian mentions Weruska & Joel, so perhaps he has some ideas about it, at least roughly when it was released:


One possibility is that not only was it a limited edition but it was also only released in certain nations (the person I bought it from was located within the USA).  And note that I didn’t try to contact Weruska & Joel because at the time I thought it was the company that made the bottle.  I’ll do that if I don’t get any information on it within the next few days.

UPDATE:  See the comments for the answer!


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4 responses to “Was there an Eau de Parfum formulation of Pino Silvestre?

  1. Hi all,
    greetings from Italy, here’s Laura 🙂
    Straight to the point: yes, Pino Silvestre EdP actually existed.
    It was produced in small quantities (After Shave, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum) between 2005 and 2006, to celebrate 50th anniversary (1955-2005) of “Pino Silvestre”. You read the batch code 6039: it means “the 39th day of the year 2006.”
    Note that the original “Pino Silvestre” was produced by “Vidal” (later “Henkel-Vidal”) between 1955 and 1992.
    Then in 1994 it was produced and distributed by “Weruska and Joel”.
    Since year 2015 it is produced and distributed by Mavive all around the world EXCEPT Italy (Mavive is the heir of ancient Vidal).
    (only in Italy, it’s still produced/distributed by Weruska&Joel ).
    So, each one claimed the “original formula”: this means there a two slightly different versions.

  2. please excuse me, not “since 2015” but at least 10 years before.

    • On the middle bottle in the picture, the bottle has both Weruska & Joel on it (embossed in the glass) but Mavive on the plastic label. Do you know what years that situation existed? The batch code for that one is 19180B6. Thanks again.

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