Okay, the references to the FromPyrgos blog are a thing of the past.

I began this blog with the notion that I should share my thoughts, insights, opinions, etc. with those interested, and perhaps I would learn a thing or two from readers as well. I am now dealing with some health issues, along with a relative who has a major health issue, and I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be writing up new posts (though I hope to do at least one per month). The “intellectual jousting” (if that’s the best name for it) that has gone one between the two blogs has run its course, at least in my mind. I don’t want to be the proverbial broken record, and my conclusion is that is how most readers perceive the situation. Moreover, I got involved in this hobby because others were closed off to me, and I wanted something new, interesting, and enjoyable to spend some of my time on. And while I enjoy the debate quality to many of my recent posts, I think I’ve made my positions clear and that it wouldn’t make sense for me to reiterate those positions with slight variations.

I hope the FromPyrgos blog continues, whether or not the author wants to discuss the same issues or not. I think this informal debate situation has revealed quite a bit of information, at least to me, and I wouldn’t mind continuing with it, but with health issues and a sense that readers might not be too pleased, I’ll focus on subjects that are new or where there is something new to say. I also might do some “short” reviews, such as that I write on Fragrantica, because I have a feeling that is of more interest to most readers, though I’ll continue to try and include things that go beyond a “simple” review. If you have any requests as to things you’d like to read about, go ahead and leave a comment – that might provide me with some new ideas as well. One idea, for example, is to talk about how to lower the risks associated with swaps, such as to ask the person to take a picture of the bottle you will be getting before you give that person your address. This is something that seems to come up when people tell me their disappointing swap stories.

And whether he is “HankHarvey” now on Basenotes.net or not is something I will leave to others, if they wish to speculate. I’ve pointed out what I think is strong evidence for this, but since I don’t want to see him banned from the site again, there’s no reason to pursue this notion further. Finally, for those who are asking, why now? I think the “internet controversy” about what color the dress is led me to question the value of spending whatever time I have left on this planet on restating an argument. The fact that so many people didn’t ask about the lighting conditions under which the dress was photographed goes to show that even obvious and basic questions are often not asked, leading to some sort of supposed controversy. That said, I’ll be thinking about some “fresh” ideas for my next blog post, “controversial” or not, which I intend to publish before the end of March.


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3 responses to “Okay, the references to the FromPyrgos blog are a thing of the past.

  1. Wiilread

    Too bad. A lot of the frompyrgos nonsense needs a rebuttal. I think a wiser choice would be to pick the debate issues less frequently…

    • It got to be variations on a theme for the rebuttals, and I also don’t want to do what I think others are doing (the “broken record” thing). If I read something new that I think doesn’t make sense, regardless of where it originates, I’ll discuss it at some point in a new post, but I think that too many readers believe there is something “personal” involved, and the content gets lost. That is why I’d rather avoid giving the impression that I’m fixated on criticizing a specific blog going forward. I’m glad you like my blog though, and I’ll try to continue with new posts that have some novel/insightful element (AFAIK).

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