Stardust for Men and Women by Llewelyn.

For those interested (and following up on my last post), this is apparently the original press release on the two scents:

Parfums Llewelyn
Parfums Llewelyn is a prestige fragrance company with a vision of designing fragrances that express and affirm the value of the women and men who use them. Parfums Llewelyn’s fragrances celebrate the dreams and accomplishments, and fuels the desires of women and men, recognizing the uniqueness and value of each individual. The products by design and presentation allow customers to express and affirm themselves through fragrance.

STARDUST, the premier Parfums Llewelyn fragrance line is truly celebratory. From the stunning prismatic bottle with its star-embossed oval cap, to its brushed silver and blue outer packaging, to the translucent clarity and freshness of the floral – oriental “juice” inside, the STARDUST woman’s fragrance inspires and affirms her. Today’s woman is more confident and self-assured. STARDUST captures her sparkle and sensuality as well as her strength.

STARDUST for men is powerful without being overwhelming, invigorating and infinitely appealing. Fresh, but with a Fougere structure emphasizing a sensual woodiness intermingles with citrus, hints of bourbon vanilla, rich musk and impressions of leather. The fragrances are dissimilar yet complimentary. The STARDUST male is secure in himself and can find pleasure in the strength and continued growth of the woman. Both make a dynamic statement separately or paired.

Phillip (Philippe) Llewelyn Prime – Visionary, Perfumer and Founder
In a market that is jaded by too much of the same comes a fresh voice with a different cadence. Phillip has brought to the prestige fragrance industry a point of view shaped by his Caribbean roots and the influence of a powerful yet gentle mother who gave birth to fourteen children and nurtured every one to extraordinary success.

“My mother’s signature was her fashion elegance and her passion was mentoring children. Scores of successful men and women in different parts of the world credit their achievements to her inspiration. I grew up accepting the extraordinary influence and unlimited potential of women as a fact of every day life. My fragrance reflects that expectation. STARDUST celebrates affirms and inspires this vision”

Phillip discovered an interest in fragrance during his boyhood years as he explored the wealth of fragrant, exotic botanicals in his native Trinidad. As a Research Chemist, then later as a Perfumer with Elizabeth Arden, he was able to hone his creative skills and enhance his natural ability, contributing to the success of lines such as Chloe by Lagerfeld, KL and Lagerfeld for men.

Today, with more than three decades of industry experience to his credit, Phillip has shaped, STARDUST, a fragrance line that captures a woman’s true essence and comes as close to giving what every women desires in a sensory encounter – total satisfaction.

“STARDUST is the story of people, passion, relationships and the power of individual potential to create and enjoy a lifestyle that is exciting and self-affirming.” Phillip Prime – Founder

STARDUST Marketing
In marketing STARDUST, Parfums Llewelyn has taken a departure from the traditional thinking. There is no “sexploitation” and no particular celebrity endorsement. The STARDUST woman speaks with her own voice. She has an inherent sense of her own value and wears her fragrance because she enjoys it and it affirms her.

STARDUST sells because the fragrance itself is luscious. Because it’s unique, elegant, prismatic bottle echoes the multi-dimensional aspect of its user. It is – and she is – a surprise at every turn always alluring but never completely predictable. Like the cobalt blue embossed stars on the cap, she sparkles in her sphere.

Bold, modern, dramatic, STARDUST combines the mystery of the future with the romance of the past. Once used, it is not forgotten. In every decade there have been fragrances that have captured the spirit of the times and the imagination of the women who have worn them. Now comes STARDUST, sparkling, sensuous, satisfying, articulating the very essence of today’s aspiring and accomplished woman.

STARDUST The Fragrance
There is an element of surprise and intrigue characterizing STARDUST. It is, like the woman who wears it, complex, contemporary, passionate, unpredictable. STARDUST is a fruity, floral-oriental fragrance. Created for the woman of today, STARDUST captures the very essence of who she is and the intriguing nuances of all she is becoming

The fragrance opens with a modern splash of tropical tangerine and water hyacinth. A dash of pepper adds a burst of tingling excitement, while soft petals of purple freesia and osmanthus flower hint at the subtle fruity nuances intermingling throughout.

The heart blooms with the luxurious floral notes of Casablanca lily, night blooming jasmine, red carnation, peony and yellow mimosa. The sensuality of the drydown comes through an intoxicating blend of sandalwood, musk, precious woods, amber and luscious plum.

The STARDUST Fragrance Collection
Women’s Parfum, 30 ml $250.00
Women’s Eau de Parfum, 50 ml $ 78.00
Women’s Eau de Parfum, 100 ml $110.00
Women’s Eau de Toilette, 50 ml $ 65.00
Women’s Eau de Toilette, 100 ml $ 95.00
Women’s Perfume Body Lotion, 6.7 oz $ 40.00
Women’s Bath and Shower Gel, 6.7 oz $ 30.00
Women’s Moisturizing Body Mist, 200 ml $ 48.00
Men’s Eau de Toilette, 50 ml $ 58.00
Men’s Eau de Toilette, 100 ml $ 85.00
Men’s After Shave Balm, 5 0z $ 42.00
Men’s Bath and Shower Gel, 6.7 oz $ 22.00

STARDUST Packaging
How do you bottle passion, inspiration and aspiration? How do you contain the joy of living in the present and the excitement of future expectations in an essence? If a fragrance can, STARDUST does.

The very name STARDUST evokes an image of mystery and romance. The contrast of nostalgia and the era it implies, versus a contemporary feeling of constellations and starlit skies, creates an alluring appeal. At first glance you feel the contemporary drama of a cut rock crystal slab. Simple and elegant, it is both impressive and glamorous at the same time. Topped with its brushed silver nameplate and star-embossed cobalt blue oval cap, the STARDUST bottle makes a statement that is elegant, expensive and inspirational.

The STARDUST parfum bottle is considered a unique “work of art” by the fragrance industry. The brainchild of world famous designer Marc Rosen, the bottle represents a multi-faceted crystal prism through which light explodes and the crystalline fragrance comes alive. Winner of five of the industry’s most prestigious Fifi Awards, Marc Rosen considers STARDUST one of his most innovative efforts. The bottle represents the multi-dimensional aspects of the STARDUST consumer.

“Through the striking, crystalline prisms of the perfume bottle, she sees a reflection of herself.”- Marc Rosen

The STARDUST carton provides a simple backdrop for this dynamic perfume bottle. Echoing the brushed silver feeling of the nameplate, the front of the box is punctuated with the embossed cap design in a blue oval. The sides of the box contrast with the front and the back in a matching blue.

Selecting STARDUST, consumers are buying into a lifestyle and attitude they can relate…or aspire to. The bottle, touchable and appealing, provides each woman with a multi-dimensional reflection of herself.

STARDUST For Men (Debuts June 2001) “He is visionary, self-confident and affirms his relationships” STARDUST For Men is an original composition of fresh citrus notes and sensual woody tones. The fragrance is built on a Fougere structure, which includes Italian Bergamot, Spike Lavender, Egyptian Geranium, Oakmoss and a Tobacco accord. It opens with top notes of Mexican Lime, Mediterranean Lemon, juicy Green Mandarin, Siberian Fir Needle, French Cypress and shaved Nutmeg. Middle notes are a heady blend of Stephanotis Jasmine, Ceylonese Sandalwood and Indonesian Patchouli. The full-bodied base is composed of Haitian Vetiver, Benzoin Siam, Spanish Labdanum, creamy Amber, African Olibanum, Bourbon Vanilla, rich Musk and impressions of Leather.

The STARDUST male is at home with himself, yet embraces the sense of completeness that relationships provide. He is confident in his inner strength yet inclusive enough to value and encourage others. He is un-compromising, visionary, complex and ambitious, yet supportive and generous. He makes a great mentor and a companionable friend, and in his life’s journey, leaves the sparkle of stardust in his path.

On the site, there are two reviews for the women’s version:

After seeing on Neiman-Marcus online, I was finally able to quench my curiosity about this new fragrance thanks to a lovely swapper. Its notes are listed as osmanthus flower, water hyacinth, tangerine, purple freesia, and pepper; the heart of mimosa, red carnation, Casablanca lily, night blooming jasmine, and peony, and the base notes of musk, amber, precious woods, sandalwood, and plum.
Lovely as this hypothetically fabulous bouquet may sound, Stardust is just another watery floral a la Yves Rocher’s Ming Shu. My verdict: hold on to your $150+!

Got a sample of this from a Cosmic Perfumes purchase. I’ve never heard of it and there’s no maker name on the vial or its card. Anyway, ditto jjff’s Stardust review. “Watery floral” describes it perfectly although, on me, it’s much, much more watery than floral. I’m astounded by all the notes (thanks to jjff’s review) that go into Stardust. If some perfumes have a synergy, this one has a negative synergy, since its sum is so much less. It seems to have been very exclusive during its debut, and it’s still $50+ on most of the sites it’s sold on. Let me sniff again – it’s pretty but barely there!

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