My short, “non-review” of Guerlain’s L’Homme Ideal

After reading a thread entitled “Guerlain L’Homme Ideal…pathetic generic trash,” which can be found here:

I decided to read the reviews at BN and at, and a bit later posted something like the following at the latter site, in the review section:

I have never been less interested in sampling a scent, let alone a Guerlain, as I am in sampling this one. From what I’ve read, I’d be better off wearing The Secret, FUBU Plush for Men, or Le Baier Du Dragon. I could also layer these, perhaps creating a similar but superior olfactory experience.

I say “like the following” because Fragrantica quickly deleted my review (less than 24 hours). This is their right, of course, but I wish they would be as quick to delete reviews that are simply attempts to sell bottles of the scent in question and also as quick to add new scents to their database. None of the submissions I’ve made, some of which I’ve made long ago, have been added, to my knowledge, for example, and this includes the popular (several years ago at Basenotes, at least) Stardust for Men.

In any case, I think my “non-review” contained information that at least some of those interested in L’Homme Ideal would like to know, which is the opinion of someone who has sampled hundreds of scents and who has read hundreds if not thousands of reviews. For example, The Secret, which is much less expensive, might work out perfectly fine as a substitute, whereas the other two have almond or amaretto type notes and the overall scent may be superior, so that person may want to sample these before committing to a bottle of L’Homme Ideal. This is especially true for those on a tight budget (in the case of The Secret).

And let me make clear that I am certainly no Geurlain “hater.” They’ve done at least a reasonably good job of creating scents that seem to be of good quality and don’t sell at very high prices, for the most part (it’s not uncommon to find their bottles at major discounter B&M stores in the USA, for example). I own (mostly from trades) Habit Rouge, Heritage, two Vetiver versions, Shalimar, Shalimar Light, Anisia Bella, L’Instant Homme, Guerlain Homme, and Vol de Nuit. What’s interesting is that I rarely reach for any of them, as there is something about these that comes across as lacking, probably dynamism, at least in the drydowns Perhaps the best of the lot, for me of course, is vintage Heritage EdT.

If Guerlain wanted to market a “crowd pleasing” scent for men, that’s fine with me. If I see it at a Sephora (which I haven’t visited in a couple years now) I might want to at least spray it on a card, but from what I’ve read about it there’s absolutely nothing about it that would lead me to think that it would fill a niche in my rotation. Would I swap for a bottle? Sure, if I thought the value was equal and I was ridding myself of something I don’t like, why not? I can then possibly swap it for something that I do like in the case that I didn’t feel the need to own a bottle of L’Homme Ideal. I don’t mind wearing The Secret, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I enjoyed L’Homme Ideal – the aficionado question is, should I spend money to acquire a bottle ?

UPDATE: This “review” of Encens Mythique D’Orient (below) appeared on the site on October 4, but it has yet to be removed, as my L’Homme Ideal one was, as of October 27. You can judge for yourself – does this “review” contain more useful information (about the respective scents in question) than mine did? If you are going to delete submissions in the review sections of your web site, shouldn’t you have some consistency? Isn’t that the professional thing to do? Or is professionalism out of style in this context?

Just had to comment about the person stating that @ $240.00 this was too expensive. Update, this now costs $275.00 + tax! I purchased Songe D’un bois d’ete from Saks on line before it sold out. They gave me 10% off, plus free shipping. I definitely don’t regret it at all.

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