Is a correction of the record required here?

On a recent post at (titled Are Fragrance “Aficionados” Lost in Time?), the author stated the following (the first part is a statement of mine made not too long ago; it’s in quotation marks, though he should have changed the double marks I used to singular ones if he didn’t want to use a quote box, is a statement I made not too long ago, whereas the second is his commentary about it):

“I thought the people who talked about reformulations were being too picky and just ignored them. However, as my “nose” developed I began to perceive vast differences, particularly in the base notes. For example, super sandalwood notes were gone in the new versions of several vintage fragrances. This is not imaginary, as there are some ingredients that are simply no longer available, or at least would not be used in “cheapo” fragrances (due to a steep rise in costs). Now I think the “problem” is that a lot of people who want to think of themselves as aficionados can’t tell the difference, so they say it is imaginary.”

I know of no one from any corner of our internet “community” who has ever said that these changes, when real, were “imaginary,” or denied that reformulations strip away older, superior ingredients, and the dimensionality they lend to perfumes…

How could this person, who obviously reads and has read threads in the Men’s Forum, have never encountered our good friend, “hednic,” who has said the same things many times. In a recent thread about whether Cool Water has been reformulated significantly, said:

Have never noticed any difference in past and present releases.

This is a person with well over 42,000 posts at Basenotes. He always seems to reply to these threads and always with this kind of response! I can go back and look for others but this is certainly enough to make my point, IMO, so if anyone wants to comment here and let me know if you think this blogger needs to edit his post and point out that he was wrong here (or not) please do so !

Perhaps more importantly, I think, this blogger stated that if the changes were “real” then he doesn’t know anyone who said they are not, but the point in many threads involves the very question about whether there have been changes! Who is the arbiter of reformulation reality in this context? Did I miss the big announcement about some international agency that is going to create a committee of scientists to use whatever technologies they wish in order to determine whether every new batch of every scent released to the public has been reformulated? These threads can be very helpful to those of us who want to know if and how certain scents may have been reformulated. Some of those who can’t detect differences seem to be irritated that such threads exist, it seems, but isn’t the reason for the existence of sites like Basenotes just such discussions?

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