The Grand Fragrance Tour (s) ?

The “grand tour” of Europe began in the seventeenth century. Basically, the idea is that anyone with the money and a modicum of curiosity would want to visit certain places. It was the “bucket list” of the time, I suppose one could argue. There seem to be ideas in the olfactory aficionado world that may be viewed similarly, at least if we take the major scent web sites somewhat seriously. With that in mind, I thought it would make sense to think about what a grand fragrance tour would be like (and I use the word fragrance because I think this is something done for one’s own satisfaction). Actually, these tours may vary from person. The reason is that some aficionados seem more interested in niche while others are more interested in vintage.

I for one have lost most of my interest in niche, for example (which tend to be too simple, too “synthetic” smelling, or too strange/unpleasant for me). Thus, I’ve created a few different lists, and if you think I should add to them, feel free to leave a comment. Mostly, I am basing these lists upon what I’ve read on sites, especially, though in some cases a fragrance is “hot” for a while but then rarely mentioned for years (an example is Stardust for Men). Also, these lists are mostly from the perspective of a man who wears some fragrances marketed to women if he finds that they are not “too feminine,” so again if you have an idea for a list go ahead and comment and I will likely update this post, and if you think I should add a fragrance to the existing lists, again please comment.

Niche List:

Musc Ravageur (I don’t find this compelling in any way but many apparently do)
Green Irish Tweed
At least one from the CdG Incense series
New Haarlem
Black Aoud
L’Air du Desert Marocain
Aqua di Parma Colonia
The Knize Ten
Tobacoo Vanille

Masculine Vintage List (note that only the original formulation is being considered here, except for Yatagan, Vetiver, and Habit Rouge):

Patou Pour Homme
Habit Rouge
Vetiver Guerlain
Caron Pour un Homme
Lagerfeld Cologne
Azzaro Pour Homme
Red for Men by Giorgio of Beverly Hills
Eau Sauvage

More Recent Designer Fragrances List:

The Dreamer
Envy for Men by Gucci
Dior Homme
L’Instant Pour Homme
Terre d’Hermes

Fragrances Marketed to Women:

Vol de Nuit
Chanel No. 5
Emeraude (vintage PdT formulation)

Common/Popular (meaning you have probably already smelled these):

Cool Water
Acqua di Gio
Old Spice
Cardin Pour Monsieur
Pino Silvestre
One Man Show
Drakaar Noir
Grey Flannel
Obsession for Men
Eternity for Men

My Personal List:

Messe de Minuit EdC
Rose d’Homme
Joint for Men
Homme de Gres
Escada Collection
Cumming the Fragrance
Ma Griffe (vintage Parfum de Toilette)



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  2. I never knew about Allure Homme until I started reading the major sites, so I’ll refrain from adding that one, though your comment will be visible for those who agree.

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