Should Horizon be on your horizon ?

At one point, I traded my bottle of Horizon (by Guy Laroche) because it was too strong and I thought that the dominant elements, lavender (in a fougere accord that emphasized the herbal aspeects) and marine notes, were unpleasant. However, I kept a sample, which I accidentally spilled on a book. It’s been over a year and I can still smell Horizon on that book! Though the lavender and marine notes are still obvious, it seems to be much more complex, with powdery and balsamic qualities. This led me to buy another bottle a few weeks back.

After wearing it a few times since then, I think I have a better idea of Horizon, but it may be that it’s more about my perceptions than what Horizon smells like in some objective, nonexistent olfactory universe. What I mean is that at one point I thought I didn’t like lavender or marine notes, so Horizon smelled unpleasant to me. But over time I came to think about fragrances, and smells in general, in terms of a kind of physical effect, as if they had textures to them. And then when I tried Horizon again for the first time in perhaps a year, it came across as having a wonderful herbal quality, which for me involves a kind of tingly quality. Imagine moving your hand softly over a piece of sandpaper.

It’s very strong, so I decided to spray into the air and then walk through it, and that was exactly what I needed, so as not to get overwhelmed by the strong notes in it. In a sense, this is a “niche” fragrance, and I don’t think it’s got calone in it despite the allusions to the sea (bottle design and box graphics, along with the name). It’s strong, reasonably natural smelling, and unique. And it’s one of the few fragrances that brings to mind a natural landscape, in this case a cool, overcast, autumn day walking around a place like Montauk Point. And I find that it has optimistic and pessimistic qualities too, a kind of olfactory Janus. Perhaps the “pessimistic” quality is due to a “musty” element (probably largely due to strong patchouli), while the “optimistic” one seems to be due to the marine notes, citrus, mint, and herbs.

It’s selling for very little now (ebay seems to have the best prices), and even if you find that you don’t want to wear it, you may find yourself taking the cap off every once in a while to get a whiff of it !

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  1. shamu1

    Your experience with Horizon is exactly the same as mine. I bought it blindly, thought it was mediocre, then sold it. When I saw a bottle for dirt cheap a year later, I bought it. I found it to be a much more unique and well balanced scent than I initially thought.

    And yes, I agree with you: I don’t think there’s any Calone in it. I don’t consider Horizon to be an aquatic fragrance, but more of a woody spicy scent, or maybe even an aromatic fougere, even though I don’t smell any tonka bean in it.

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